No more foundation issues...
Having an expert water opinion and a game plan gave us peace of mind as we dealt with settlement issues in our home's foundation.  Thank you for your consultation and job execution with Vortex Drainage Solutions.
M.E. Spivak


Run-off Catch Basins
Bioretention Design and Workshops
The storm water problems we had are over...

The catch basin Fred Royal engineered and installed for me and my wife has performed beautifully. Even when a fire hydrant was destroyed uphill from our house, spewing thousands of gallons of water down the hill and to the edge of our property, Fred's catch basin gulped it down and carried it away, saving our backyard gardens.

William L. Andrews
E. Maynard Adams Professor
Dept of English & Comp Lit
UNC-Chapel Hill

Photo "A" top left shows the drainage system operating during a major fire hydrant damage event.


Photo "B" to the left shows the site after construction of the stormwater diversion system was completed. We maintained the natural aesthetics of the property and landscaped the back yard in a way that removes all evidence that a stormwater flood mitigation project exists.

Bioretention manages stormwater runoff for:

* Volume Control
* Pollutant Control
* Peak Discharge Control

Mr. Royal designs and also holds workshops to educate the public on stormwater Best Management Practice retrofits, also referred to as Stormwater Control Measure.

Bioretention workshop video.

We provide "no pressure" solutions to homeowners and businesses experiencing flooding and drainage related problems. Solutions that add value to your property.
Experienced Commercial and Residential Watershed and Floodplain Management, Stormwater and Drainage Engineering, Erosion Control and Green Infrastructure, Serving Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh and the Triangle.
Engineering and Landscape Design Services
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Photos at left detail project progression to remedy subsurface water intrusion beginning with ground water study around the parking lot. 

Fred was very prompt and professional his expertise and oversight helped us solve a difficult drainage problem for a Chapel Hill office building.  In addition, Fred has a background in municipalities, so he is also insightful on getting projects approved through a municipal process.


Martha B. Abernethy, C.C.I.M.

Vice President, Property Management

Avison Young

Raleigh, NC

Drainage Issues
No Rise Certifications...

Fred was instrumental in obtaining the variance approval that allows my husband and I to add a much needed screen porch and deck to our home in Chapel Hill, which lies in the flood plain and the Resource Conservation District. His experience as the Storm water Engineer for the Town of Chapel Hill was a tremendous asset in navigating the rigorous variance process. He was able to provide a no-rise certificate required by the Town, ensure adequate flood proofing design measures, and provide a drainage solution for the storm water created by the addition. His testimony at our variance hearing played a critical role in securing an affirmative vote, and he continues to be a resource as we move forward in construction. Thanks Fred,we cannot wait to enjoy our new porch and deck!


Completed Projects

Foundation drainage...

My crawl space was constantly flooding and retaining a serious amount of water. I have been extremely happy with the results of Royal Water Resources, PLLC work. I have not heard the sump pump in operation since the work was completed.

I recommend any home owner or business with water or drainage problems in their yard, property or crawl space to contact Royal Water Resources, PLLC for an evaluation.

B. Hull
Clayton, NC