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Royal Water Resources specializes in practical and affordable approaches to solving all kinds of storm water, groundwater and other drainage problems for homeowners, businesses and institutions.
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We offer solutions and practical approaches to:

• General Property Improvements
• Drainage and Flooding Issues
• Storm Water Management
• Green Infrastructure
• Rainwater Harvesting

Designed to add value to your property using environmental aesthetics and BMP or Best Management Practice.
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Bioretention Rain Garden at University Mall, Chapel Hill.
For "No Pressure" Solutions.
The storm water problems we had are over...
The catch basin Fred Royal engineered and installed for me and my wife has performed beautifully. Even when a fire hydrant was destroyed uphill from our house, spewing thousands of gallons of water down the hill and to the edge of our property, Fred’s catch basin gulped it down and carried it away, saving our backyard gardens.
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William L. Andrews
E. Maynard Adams Professor
Dept of English & Comp Lit
UNC-Chapel Hill
Together, we will work to convert a problem into a solution, adding value to your property.
Experienced Commercial and Residential Watershed and Floodplain Management, Stormwater and Drainage Engineering, Erosion Control and Green Infrastructure, Serving Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh and the Triangle.
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Royal Water Resources provides expert solutions to homeowners and businesses experiencing simple drainage related problems and flooding, to complex watershed and development issues.
Solving your drainage issues
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